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Liz !!! I have a bunch of followers that would never buy my product or service!

If you’re not getting the engagement you were hoping for, it’s possible you’re sending out a vibe that you didn’t mean to. Not sure?

Let’s take a look at your followers.

Are these people the ones that you hope will use your services? These are the people that were attracted to you because of how you project yourself online. Remember: To strangers, you are who you project online – nothing more and nothing less. Your online persona is everything they know about you.

When you first get online with your real estate social campaign, you may be at a loss for what to say. It’s common to find real estate agents’ feeds that appear they’re talking to their peers, or their family and friends, and using industry jargon. Don’t be that person. (Not sure what to say to get started? Check out my Cut & Paste Tweets Kit + Bonuses).

Be the person that gives information freely and become known for being helpful. Remember, you sell real estate every day – lots of things you know and don’t give a second thought to, are priceless pieces of information to a person who only buys one or two homes their entire life. Share that information.

Regardless of what platform you’re using, picture yourself speaking with your target customer when you post. Close your eyes and picture this person – is your target customer male or female? In her 50’s? Or in his 20’s? What are his/her interests? What slang would they use? And then look at your post or tweet and ask yourself, is this written in a way my target customer will be comfortable with? Is this information something that would interest or benefit him/her?

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If your following is generally comprised of people that don’t fit your target audience criteria, you need to change the image you are projecting.

With a clear image in mind of exactly who your target customer is, go through your social media feeds and (gulp):

  • Delete posts that don’t appeal to the target you’re interested in working with
  • Create posts that project the type of image that does appeal to your target audience
  • Use your more successful competitors as inspiration and study their methods to see if they’re doing something different than you are
  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself

How About A Few Pictures of You?

While some images of you are a good thing, make sure they are images that would encourage your target customer to want to know more about you, that inspires confidence in your abilities. As an example – a photo of you handing keys over to your new buyers at the end of a successful close is good. A picture of you partying with your friends – save that one for your personal social accounts.

Study your analytics

Very often we think we’re attracting one type of person and we’re way off base. Taking the time to learn how to interpret your analytics will help you narrow down when the customers you’re looking for are online. It’s important to be online then too. That’s when you have the highest chance of engagement.

The Best Way to Find and Keep a Tribe Happy

Be yourself. People that have the same humor, interests and beliefs as you do, will find you and stick with you. They already like you. Keep posting things they like, answering their questions, being online with them, helping them and pretty soon your tribe will trust you and be ready to buy from you.

What do you think about your followers? Are they a good fit for you and your service/product?

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