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Why Twitter?

Why Twitter is the best place to start with all of your marketing.
Find Out Why


Twitter is the best place to market your business?

It’s not Facebook?

Or Instagram?

Twitter is the easiest place to talk to just about anybody. Celebrities, politicians…ok, you might not want to talk to politicians. LOL!

Is there a person or business you want to connect with? Do it with Twitter. Build a relationship with them on Twitter.

It’s so much easier than on Facebook.
Or Instagram.
Or LinkedIn.

Let me tell you why.


On Facebook, you start with your personal page. Then Facebook says you can’t advertise your business on a personal page, you need a business page.

Then you notice that Facebook stopped sending all your posts to the people that liked your business page. Which, by the way, how painful is getting people to like and engage with you on a Facebook business page in the first place?

So you decide to take the initiative and start reaching out to people in groups, etc. You soon discover you can’t talk to people as a business page because it’s not allowed by Facebook. So then you have to become their friend so you can send them a message. But they don’t know you, so why are they going to accept your friend request? Then Facebook says you have to pay them to send out your posts to the people that already liked your page. 

Then you start paying for Facebook ads like there’s no tomorrow.

Just about the time you want to give up, some marketer says, I’ll get you 100 leads a day with Facebook ads. Just pay me a gazillion dollars and then pay Facebook a few thousand dollars for the ads on top of that.

But guess what? Just because someone clicked on your ad doesn’t make them a hot lead. Maybe they just liked the picture.

So where does this leave you? If you’re like most businesses on Facebook, very confused and frustrated.


Then there’s Instagram.

With all the bells, whistles and constant changes and trying to figure who’s watching what, it’s a full time job. And when you want to post something, you have to have a pretty picture. If you post willy-nilly, (ok, you got me here. I don’t know what exactly willy-nilly means, but whatever) if you post without a strategy you end up with an ugly account, and that’s a reflection of your brand, your business. So you either spend more time on Instagram than you do on your actual business, or you pay an agency to handle it for you. Or you just post inconsistently, which generally is a waste of time if your target audience doesn’t know when they can expect you to be there.

Then there’s that issue that you can only track the last 100 actions. So if you get a lot of action on your Instagram account, but you decide to go to the movies, or go to dinner and then you check your Instagram account, you can see your last 100 likes or comments, but what if you had 300? Grab a drink and hunker down to start looking for the other 200.

How about lists? They finally got lists on Instagram, but you only get one. How can you really keep track of the different types of people in just a single list? To group them and communicate with them?


On the other hand, Twitter has a list feature that is extremely powerful. It’s like an electronic rolodex. #SorryNotSorry if you’re not old enough to know what a rolodex is…or was. LOL! An electronic database, or CRM. You can put people in private lists or public lists. You can create a list to group together:

  • warm leads
  • competitors
  • people you met at conferences and want to stay in touch with
  • previous or current customers

Because Twitter is all about engagement.

With Twitter, you can immediately engage with people that are perfect customers for you, or maybe they know someone that would be a perfect customer for you. It’s fast. It’s easy. You can jump into someone else’s conversation, they can jump into yours and suddenly, your universe online starts to expand exponentially.

Something else that’s great from a business perspective, by starting out on Twitter, you can quickly grow your account organically, (in other words, without paid ads or buying followers), show yourself as an authority in your field, and the best part…you can DRIVE all those new contacts to … well, where ever you want to make a splash.

  • Let’s say you have a website with a landing page where you’re collecting email addresses or you want to introduce people to your latest product or service, Twitter is the best way to drive lots of traffic there.
  •  What if you want to grow other social media platforms? Again, Twitter is the place to start. By growing your following on Twitter, it gives you social proof which makes people feel more comfortable and more likely to follow you on other platforms.


The tweets that get the most engagement are obviously the ones that your target audience enjoys. You’ll know a tweet that resonates with your audience because these are the tweets that they’ll engage with you via comments, likes and retweets.  The more engagement a tweets gets, the more people see that tweet (aka: expanding the reach of that tweet). Because your tweet is now in other people’s timeline, each time someone retweets or comments on it, it  lasts longer and longer in the Twitterverse.

What about those lurkers? This is the amazing part. About 90% of my business as a social media manager comes from people that have seen me on Twitter. They usually call or email me. Most have never tweeted or sent me a Direct Message (DM) on Twitter. But they’re obviously ready to do business. Because they saw me engage with others on Twitter and they decided I was someone they wanted to do business with.

So, the key question here is how to create the kind of engagement that gets you noticed by your target audience?

With a little guidance, it doesn’t take long to learn how to get engagement on Twitter.  I share a lot of information about Twitter on Twitter (😂) and I invite you to follow me at @AskForLiz to see the tips on business success and engagement.

So, the key question here is how to create the kind of engagement that gets you noticed by your target audience? #WhyTwitter Click To Tweet

For those of you that are ready to jump in with both feet, I’d like to introduce you to Conversational Twitter. Conversational Twitter is a month-long live Twitter workshop, with me, yours truly, and a few friends. What we do is talk a little in a private group about what we’re doing and learning that day, then we go online together and I teach you how to engage. In the beginning you’ll be engaging with me and other members of the group, but by the end of the month, you’ll be out on your own, flying around, making new contacts, creating more business, because customers will be flocking to you.

I hope I see you there, but at the very least, I hope I see you on Twitter. Go to Twitter and look me up, it’s AskForLiz and let’s connect. In the meantime, for you Do-It-Yourselfers out there, let me leave you with a daily checklist to increase engagement. Check out my Rules of Engagement below.


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