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Twitter Lists Make Twitter Amazing! Click To Tweet As soon as you begin adding Followers to your Twitter account, you should immediately begin creating lists to keep your account organized. Once you have a few hundred followers it will be much more difficult to sort through.


Let’s say you have a list of people who share the love of the same hobby as you do and another list complete with people who you find inspirational. On a day when you want to connect to the folks that might have something interesting to say about your hobby, you just go that list and your feed will have tweets only from those people. How nice and clean is that?

I suggest you create three private lists – one for leads that will require long term nurturing, one for buyers that appear to be ready to buy in the next 1 -3 months and one for sellers that look like they plan on listing in the next 1 -3 months.

You create private lists in the same way you create public lists, with the exception of the box at the bottom where you need to click “Private”. You’ll be the only one that is able to see that the lists exist at all. This will make your time on Twitter so much more efficient! Please send me a tweet if you try this and it works for you, or comment below.

Public lists can be very powerful. Think about the names you give each of your public lists. When you add a name to that list, it will show up in the other person’s Twitter feed under Notifications. If the name of your list is very flattering, you’ll get some positive feedback and will undoubtedly gain followers.

[Bctt=”Once you’ve mastered creating your own lists, venture out and subscribe to other people’s lists.”] Once you’ve mastered creating your own lists, venture out and subscribe to other people’s lists. To do that, go their profile, click on their List link and click on the Subscribe button. After that, their list will show up in your List with their profile pic to show where that List originated.


Questions on making lists? Tweet me at @AskForLiz and use the hashtag #BeRealSocial so I can find you!