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Are You A Do-It-Yourselfer?

Learn How to Handle Your Real Estate Social Media

Sharpen Your Pencil!

You’ll want to take notes as you go through these blog posts. They’ll help you lay the foundation of your own social media strategy and become awesome at social media in no time! At the bottom of the blog links below there’s a link to more blogs. I hope you enjoy them and learn from them.

If you’re looking for a handful of ebook +worksheet + cheatsheet freebies, please visit this page and download as many as you like.

Happy learning!

P.S. Remember, I’m just a couple of clicks away if you have questions. You can leave a comment below, tweet me at @AskForLiz or email me.

4 Insane (But True) Things You Need To Have To Start Marketing As A Real Estate Team

Real Estate Teams have a marketing advantage. Learn how you can maximize it and how you can learn to create a marketing team of your own. I’ve prepared an exercise for you where I’m using a hypothetical team of 5 agents. I originally started to write this up as part of my Instagram Realtor free 5-day course, but as I was putting it together, I realized you could use this technique on other platforms as well. So go through it, and tweak it to fit other platforms you’re on.

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Instagram Pods – What Are They And Should You Be In One?

Instagram Pods (aka InstaPods)- What are they and should you be in one?
Think of peas in a pod, or a pod of dolphins. It’s a family that sticks together and supports one another. In the world of Instagram, this would be a group of people that like and comment on each other’s accounts regularly. The more engagement you get, the more engagement you get. No, that wasn’t a typo.

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This is How to Replace Cold Calling

Ugh. I’ve never met anyone who told me they enjoyed cold calling. Dialing stranger after stranger asking them to list their home with you. Asking them to trust me, a total stranger, with (probably) the biggest investment in their lives. I’m sure it must have had an upside, but all I still remember after these many years is rejection after angry rejection.

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Evergreen Tweets Kit + Bonuses

Designed for Real Estate Agents

You know you should be active on Twitter, but you don’t know what to say. That’s why I designed this kit so you can just copy and paste tweets into Twitter!

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Mastering Hashtags Course

The secret to finding real estate leads online

Everybody uses hashtags. But how many people really understand them? A few key changes in how you use hashtags will change your business forever.This 6 module course will make you a #SuperNinjaAgent!

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The Hashtag Bible - Real Estate Edition

No time for a full course?

Then grab your copy of the only hashtag resource you’ll need to increase your real estate business + find leads + dozens of real estate hashtags you can use now!

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