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Hi! I’m Liz

 I teach small business owners an easy & effective framework for creating their own highly engaged online community that connects them with more customers.

SSHHH!! Secret Tip: The cheapest and fastest way to get your business noticed online is with Twitter marketing.

It’ll skyrocket your traffic on any other platform.

Make The Most of Your Time Online?

Introducing #SocialBizChat

This weekly 1 hour Twitter Chat discusses how small business owners can get the most out of their online marketing.

You’ll be asking yourself, “Is this a chat or is it a free one-hour classroom about using social media to increase business?”

Create Your Own Loyal Community?

 A unique opportunity to work with me LIVE for 4 weeks in a row. There will the standard course materials that you can go through at your own speed, but additionally, I’ll be online 3 times a week tweeting with you and helping you with any questions you have about workshop materials. Guess what else? We’ll be talking privately via Twitter Direct Message where I give you specific tips on your business and your Twitter account.

 About Me


I started out as a web designer over 20 years ago and morphed into a social media strategist since around 2010. Since about 2013, I’ve been specializing in online marketing for real estate agents and small businesses.

Social media has changed the way the world communicates and every small business owner needs to an additional skill set now. Through my book “Hashtag Bible”, my course “Conversational Twitter”, 1-on-1 coaching, and our weekly Twitter Chat “#SocialBizChat”, I’ve helped thousands of people learn how to use social media to enrich their lives and businesses.

Let me show you how to create a public persona that makes your customers know, like & trust you before they even meet you. 

This book is not necessarily just about hashtags, it helps you focus on where you want your business to be. It’s a great read and a fantastic tool!


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John Menke

Realtor, @AskMenke

A Few Key Changes In How You Use Hashtags Will Change Your Business Forever

In fact, think about this:

+ Attracting more leads into your business can often be a matter of simply using the right set of hashtags customized for your needs.


+ Every day that you put off understanding how easy it is to find leads, you’re leaving people who need your services wandering lost.



And you’re leaving money on the table.