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#SocialBizChat is a weekly Twitter Chat for small business owners that want to learn what it takes to increase business using social media. Hosted by Angela Hemans and Liz Evangelatos, social media professionals with a combined following of 100,000.

Why Sponsor A

Twitter Chat?

Twitter is  known as the place to start conversations around specific topics. Getting your target market to connect with your brand and engage with their community tweeting about what your brand offers is a marketing dream.  

The opportunity to get in the center of a group of people that need what you’re offering expands your brand awareness, increases your engagement and don’t forget – people tend to believe what they hear about a brand from their peers more than they believe the same message directly from the brand itself.

So let us help you get the buzz going!


Twitter Chat?

A Twitter Chat  is an hour-long discussion on Twitter about a specific subject.

Generally, Twitter Chats are hosted by one or two people and are scheduled weekly at the same time and day each week, although some are bi-monthly or monthly.

The host(s) usually have 7-10 questions they’ve prepared for the chat on a specific topic. This is where we work with your team. What questions would you like the discussion to be centered around? 


Read more about Twitter Chats on my blog.




Introduce your product or service to over 100,000 people. That’s just the number of followers we have. Your message will actually be delivered to millions of timelines.

Tell us what you want people to know about your brand and we’ll start talking about it.

It’s that easy.


Timeline Deliveries

Looking for more social media traffic? You’re in the right place!

I know what you’re thinking – “Who is this Liz person and why should I trust her with my business? My reputation?” Well, thanks for asking! I’m Liz and generating traffic for real estate social media accounts is my specialty. I’ve been increasing brand awareness and engagement for agents associated with Keller Williams, Century 21, Windermere, ReMax, ERA and lots of independent shops all over North America since, hmmm, I don’t know, around 2012.

Once I incorporated teaching people how to handle their own social media, I realized everything I knew about increasing awareness for Realtors also worked for other occupations just as nicely. My social media following now is still primarily real estate agents, but also includes a myriad of small business owners that are looking for resources to expand their presence, increase their business and save them time.

Do you think your product could help this group of people? 

If the answer is yes, contact us by using the form below and let’s get your message in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

Need help creating a hashtag for your brand? You’re in luck cuz I wrote the book. Seriously, The Hashtag Bible. Check it out.

Social Media Marketing Strategist & Social Media Trainer

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Saint Leo University. My background includes helping patients as a cardiovascular sonographer, but my passion is for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship has led me to diagnostics of a different sort.

 I founded the Women United in Business Mastermind Group to facilitate networking and experience sharing, and I enjoy working with business professionals and authors from diverse industries and backgrounds to develop and implement tailored sales solutions. To this end, I help small to medium business owners establish an online presence, or platform, that enhances their brand through social media and marketing communications and helps businesses improve their social media and networking skills.


You can sponsor #SocialBizChat for one week for $1,500

  • A total of (1) #SocialBizChat for 60 minutes hosted by @AskForLiz and @AngelaHemans. Someone representing your brand can also be promoted as a guest

  • You will be the only sponsor for the week selected and agreed upon

  • #SocialBizChat will encourage participants to follow your Twitter account (if you have one) at the beginning of your chat

  • The creation of the Twitter Chat topic, title, questions, intros and outros

  • Promotion across @AskForLiz and @AngelaHemans Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter platforms

  • 10 promotional social media posts starting 5 days prior to chat across the platforms mentioned above promoting you as the sponsor of #SocialBizChat from @AngelaHemans account and the @AskForLiz account (currently 100,000 followers).

  • Content creation which includes promotional graphics for the chat and for the promotional social media posts

  • (2) #SocialBizChat recap blog post. (1) on AngelaHemans.com and another on AskForLiz.com

Example of custom promotional graphic using your brand’s specifications for logo ↑

Example of custom graphic with questions designed to highlight your brand ↓

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