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There’s only so much time in a day and if there’s any way you can save time on social media posting, you’ll take it, right?! But at what cost? If you’re posting on Facebook and automating your posts to Twitter, you end up with something like this:

Reasons why you shouldn't automate your cross posting

(Well, you’ll be a lot less blurry, but I didn’t want to embarrass anyone so I blurred out identities.)

If you’re posting on Instagram and automating your posts to Twitter, you may be ending up with something like this:

Reasons why you shouldn't automate your cross posting

The folks in both of the situations above are really doing their business much more harm than good and would actually be better off without a Twitter account at all. And it’s a shame because using Twitter is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get information out to a large audience you can actually talk with.

Likewise, automated posting from Twitter to Facebook is also disastrous as I pointed out in this post about the temptations of automated cross posting.

Imagine every social media platform is like a different clique in high school. There were the kids in band that stuck together, the nerds, the athletes (I wonder how much trouble I’m in – is this profiling?). Anyway, I think you get my drift. Some people that hang out on Instagram don’t think Facebook is cool. People that like Twitter often have a hard time understanding the joys of Instagram. The list goes on.

Using an automated cross-posting system may be costing you customers. Click To Tweet

The bottom-line is, when you post to any platform, make sure you’re speaking their language, using their slang. The key on social that sometimes gets lost is – be social. Be on whichever platform you like best and reach out and speak to people. Take a few extra minutes and make a connection or two each time you go online. These connections can turn into relationships which can turn into customers.

If your social media looks anything like the images I posted above, you can manually delete the offending posts and start anew. Your followers will thank you – and multiply.

Yes, yes, I get it – you already have a full-time job and social media takes time. Knowing you would say that 😉, I came up with an infographic for you that will help you save time but also gets you online live. If you follow the infographic, you’ll see that you’re really just creating:

  • one image and
  • one description and
  • one link

Right click on the image of the infographic and choose Save As to save to your computer.

You have to do those three things to post anywhere anyway. So just take those three things and change them up a little for each platform. It will definitely make a difference in the response you’ll get from your followers.

If you notice the size of the image I’m suggesting if you’re totally out of time is square. Instagram will take other sizes, but it will end up making your feed look unattractive if you have some square some rectangular, etc. The other platforms will make do with a square image, but if you have the time (or you have an assistant that has time), you could prepare each image specifically sized for each platform. (If you would like the dimensions, comment below and I’ll send you a cheatsheet with the best sizes.)

Interested in a short video tutorial that takes you step by step through what I described above? Some people learn best by watching a video and if that sounds like you send me an email and let me know.

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