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Cold Calling

Ugh. I’ve never met anyone who told me they enjoyed cold calling. Dialing stranger after stranger asking them to list their home with you. Asking them to trust me, a total stranger, with (probably) the biggest investment in their lives. I’m sure it must have had an upside, but all I still remember after these many years is rejection after angry rejection.

How About Finding Warm Leads Instead?

If you devote the same amount of time you spend on cold calling to the plan I’ve outlined below instead, you will definitely come out ahead.

But here’s my caveat:

This only works for those individuals that are absolutely serious about:

  1. being online consistently
  2. learning how to search effectively
  3. learning how to listen effectively
  4. reaching out to people in a real live human way and never spammy

Notice I did not say being online constantly, I said consistently.  After all, you have a full-time job already. After you go through the steps I’ve outlined for you below a couple of times, this routine will be quick and not only painless but enjoyable too.

Step By Step

I’m going to show you the exact steps you need to take to find warm leads on Twitter. If you do this every day you can forget about cold calling ever again!

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Now, if your Twitter profile is not aesthetically pleasing, these techniques won’t work as well. But that’s a subject for another post.

How real estate agents can replace cold calling with Twitter

Real estate agents can use advanced twitter search instead of cold calls!


You can just follow along using the text below or you can make things a bit easier by downloading the worksheets here. I’ve included some phrases in the worksheets to help get you started.

The Faster We Get Started The Faster You Can Stop Cold Calling!

1. Go to your browser and enter http://twitter.com/search-advanced

2. You can experiment with any of the available fields. Some suggestions are to use phrases people considering moving would use. Like “new job” or “moving to” and put those phrases in “This exact phrase”.

3. Move down to Places and enter the name of your city.

4. Be sure to put in the date parameters so you don’t get tweets and accounts from years ago.

5. Click on “Search”.

6. Choose “latest” from the top menu and go through the tweets to either respond or follow the person (or both).

You should have a screenful of tweets to reach out to. At this point I would encourage you to reach out to these potential customers the same way you would in real life. Take a look at their feed and decide if you’d like to follow them or just reach out by replying and offering help.

If you find these types of tutorials useful, please leave me a comment below so I know I should keep making them!

See ya online!



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