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A Quick & Easy System to Crafting Irresistible Posts For Your Brand

and makes a real connection with your audience

The Secret to Becoming Better At Marketing?

Start Showing Up Online Everyday


Most of the micro and small brand owners I talk to say they spend 6-10 hours a week on marketing. Most of that time is spent just trying to figure out what to say, much less putting together a strategy or checking on analytics.


It’s not so much about which platform they use, but let’s face it, for many people, marketing is not their full-time job.


It’s been my full-time job for many years, so let me show you a time-efficient, no-stress way to ALWAYS have something to post.


Every day of the year.


I’ve even included a BONUS of a couple of extra months! Instead of just one year, you’ve got 14 months’ worth of prompts.

Over a full year of content for you so you can focus on your business.


How did I think of this?

Because for years I had so many social media customers, I had to work 12 hour days, and don’t get me started on missed holidays and spoiled vacations. And while I was working on expanding their social footprint I would put my own social on hold.

With the Prompt Response System, you just read the prompt and answer the question (or ask the question) to create social media posts and topics (for text or video platforms) that help you connect with your ideal client without spending a fortune on social media managers.

Hiring a social media manager could easily cost you $10,000 a year.


I want to show you how to put this social media content calendar system to work for your business right away, regardless of the type of business you have. The key to growing your community on social media is being social. Sounds easy, but so often it seems difficult.

The key is speaking to your audience as if they were right in front of you.


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3


Choose A Date

Every single day has a prompt already prepared for you. All prompts work for any industry because your response to the question makes it unique!

Read the Prompt

Answer the question or ask the question. One way tells your audience more about you. The other way gets more conversations started.

Post On Any Platform

Once you’ve answered or asked the prompt, you can expand your response or keep it short, so it can be used on any social media platform.

Here's an example from one of my prompts:

“Have you ever stalked someone on social media?”

Picture me standing in front of you asking you that. How would you respond? Write that down. That’s your post. Guess what? Depending on your business, your personality, the social platform you’re using, it’ll never be the same as someone else’s post.

You can make this funny, you can make this about someone you really admire, etc. And then ask your audience if they’ve had a similar experience. This is the part where the authentic you comes out and you connect with your community.

Key Concept

P.S. This may seem very light-hearted, and while you can make it fun, your audience will assume you are like the people you admire. This is one simple post that gives your audience a look at who you are in a nutshell.
All you have to do is think of a question you receive in the daily course of business and answer it.

And once again, depending on your personality, you can make this funny, you can make a real list of things someone in your line of work should be doing, daily or monthly, etc. And then ask your audience if they found it helpful or if they have other questions.

Key Concept

P.S. This very helpful response to your audience will be one reason they keep coming back to you to learn more. This is also an easy way you can position yourself as an authority in your field.

Here's another example:

“Share a tip that helps your target audience.”

What’s Included

I’ve included some hashtag holidays, common American holidays and prompts for over 400 calendar days!

I also broke out the content into “buckets” so you’re not always posting the same types of things. Somet posts will be about your business, sometimes something to get your audience engaged, etc. It’s all about them getting to know you better and you getting to know what they really need from you.

It can be hard to brainstorm sometimes when you’re the only one in the room! So I’ve included some brain teasers to start thinking about even more posts your audience will find interesting.
This calendar is an INSTANT DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD. No physical item comes with this purchase. Images on this page were created with This calendar is a PDF and does not come as a SPIRALED item.
At the top of each month, I’ve included a monthly roadmap to keep you on track with your goals. It helps you drill down to

  • what your monthly goals actually are
  • where you’ve posted your content
  • what your call to action (CTA) is
  • your theme
  • your campaigns, and
  • your sponsorships

Keeping track of your successes and failures will help you reach your business goals much faster.

This calendar is an INSTANT DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD. No physical item comes with this purchase. Images on this page were created with This calendar is a PDF and does not come as a SPIRALED item.


This year I’ve added a Trello Board with each column representing a month, and cards under each month that are fully editable to suit your unique message.

Can you say Copy and Paste?!

Here’s how you can make connections with the right people now

The most successful micro and small business brands today have this in common: They find a way to really engage with their community. Once you open the doors to communication, they’ll not only:

  • become raving fans
  • they’ll tell you what they want from you
  • they’ll tell you if they’re interested in a new product or service
  • they’ll tell you if you changed up something you’re already selling that might make it more attractive to more people

Once you make a real connection with your community, all you have to do is ask them

Whether you’re doing this for your own brand or your own brand and a few customers too, this will give you back hours each day to enjoy your family. You remember them? They’re the ones always yelling at  you to get away from the computer 😉

I’ve been ghost-posting for people in a variety of businesses and public figures for over a decade and this system is what I used to make their posts not only sound authentic but create a connection between them and their community.


The key is speaking to your audience as if they were right in front of you.

Here’s how you can make connections with the right people now

Only $27