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Your prospects are already on Pinterest looking for you.

Pinterest is an easy, yet incredibly effective way to find new prospects. Actually, I should rephrase that.

Your prospects are already on Pinterest looking for you Click To Tweet

Put yourself in the mind of a person who just got a great job offer in another city. One of the first things they’ll think of is “Where am I going to live?”. It’s too soon to call a Realtor, but it’s never too soon to start wondering about their new dream home.

Do they need to sell their home? They’ll be on Pinterest for ideas on what to do prior to calling a Realtor to get the maximum sales price.

So we have buyers and sellers spending a lot of time browsing Pinterest.

Buyers on Pinterest


So what’s your strategy here?

Show off your listings of course. This is where a professional photographer really makes all the difference.  Create different boards for different neighborhoods or different architectural styles — use your imagination. But when you are entering your listing descriptions, use your potential buyers and sellers imagination. What does that mean?

Put yourself in your potential clients’ mind again and think of what words they would use to look for a home. In the screengrab below, I entered “dream home” in the Pinterest search field and came up with what you see below.

Photos of happy new homeowners will make folks who don’t know you yet feel more comfortable with you before they even meet you. They’re envisioning themselves as those happy homeowners they see in the picture.

Besides posting photos of your listings, post checklists that will help people understand the selling process. The details are old hat to you, but remember most people only sell their home perhaps once or twice in their lifetime and are probably nervous during the entire process. Posting checklists with tips on how to prepare their home for a sale, or what to look for in a new home, will probably be some of your most popular pins. How to tell?

Check your analytics

Pinterest Analytics

Click on the little gear on your Pinterest home page and look down the list until you see “Analytics” and click on that. Pinterest analytics are very detailed. Once you’ve clicked on that you’ll see a page that includes your average daily viewers, information on your audience, which pins have been repinned and how many times they’ve been repinned. You’ll see how much activity was generated from your website and much more.

Are You Ready To Try Something New?

How about a Secret Pinterest Board – a secret between just you and your customer? Download my free worksheet by clicking on the image below. If you try it and like it, please send me a little feedback so I know if I should continue creating these types of worksheets.

Grab this FREE Worksheet that shows you how to create a Secret Pinterest Board for your Buyers! Click To Tweet

How To Create A Secret Pinterest Board for your Real Estate Buyer


DOWNLOAD this step-by-step worksheet


WOW Your Customers with a Secret Pinterest Board!

Do you have questions about Pinterest? Ask me on Twitter – @AskForLiz and use the hashtag #BeRealSocial so I can find your question and answer it.

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