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A Basic 5-Day Mini-Course For You, The

Instagram Realtor

You’re a terrific Realtor. You work hard for your clients. I want to make sure they can tell how awesome you are when they land on your Instagram page.

Become an Instagram Realtor Sensation in 5 Days

+ Is Your Instagram Account Scaring Off Customers?
Are you on Instagram yet? Or plan to be soon? I’ve gotten a large influx of new clients who are interested only in Instagram in the last few months, so I’ve been on that platform a lot more than usual. What I’ve noticed is that a lot of real estate agents are struggling with a lot of Instagram basics. Many are doing themselves more harm than good because they’re experimenting and learning – LIVE – n front of customers they need to look professional in front of. So I’ve decided to put together a free 5-day mini course to help those just getting started. Just a few minutes a day and by the end of the work week, you’ll have a better understanding of how to personally and professionally use Instagram.
+ What Will Be Covered?
As I started to prepare all the pieces of this course, I thought this would be a good time to get questions from you that you’d like answered. Just email me at liz@askforliz.com and ask me privately. I’ll include it in the course and you don’t have to tell the world you asked 😉 Here’s what I have so far Day 1 We’ll go through the often overlooked details of setting up an account that says “I’m ready for business!” including a walkthrough of the settings you should have turned on/off, making sure your account is a business account and how to easily move between accounts on the same device without having to constantly log in and out. Day 2 I’ll show you how to make a great first impression by choosing your best 9 images, and some apps that make your images and videos more interesting to customers. Day 3 Getting all the right words in all the right places in your captions. Oh yea, and where to add your Calls To Action (CTA) Day 4 My favorite day – It’s all about the hashtags! I’ll walk you through how to come up with the best hashtags for each of your images, and some definite do’s and don’ts of hashtag use. Day 5 This is it! The day you put it all together and launch your new account! We’ll go step by step putting each component together quickly and easily. By now you’ll understand the process and be able to repeat the magic whenever you want. You’ll want to start following people and inviting them to follow you back. They’ll certainly be impressed with your marketing skills.
+ Need Something Else Covered?
Depending on responses from all of you I’m thinking of adding a few bonuses, as in worksheets + workbook +idea/focus calendar, a Facebook Group, and Instagram Engagement Group. Caveat emptor: This course is for beginners, so if you’re getting leads and doing lives and stories, this basics course is not for you!

“After going through this course, my peers have serious

social media envy!”

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