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Win Every Listing War Using These Open House Tactics

Sellers know how important it is to hire an agent that understands how to leverage social media to sell their home.  Share the things I’ve outlined in this checklist with them, and you won’t have any competition.  I’m that confident because one of my customers recently followed this checklist and his reach increased by over 600% over normal the first time he used this. No paid ads!

Try not to feel guilty about your competition sitting at their open house, eating all the cookies, because they were the only ones there.

Things Even An Average Real Estate Agent Does

First of all, make sure the house appears to be open from the street. Even on a cold day, find ways to make sure passersby know the house is open.

  • Are all the lights on in all the rooms?
  • Are there exterior lights you can turn on?
  • Are the curtains pulled back to let the sun in?
  • Are your open house signs clearly visible outside?
  • Do you have a batch of cookies baking in the oven?

Grab your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop and Let’s Get Social !!!

Your sellers have gone to a great deal of trouble to make their home look as appealing as possible to potential buyers just for this day. Pillows are thrown on the couches just so, the kids toys are nowhere to be seen and the lawn is freshly mowed, so let’s not let them down.

Within the first 30 minutes, you should have walked through the house with your phone camera on the video setting and taken a slow walk around the house, describing it as if you had buyers with cash hanging out of their pockets and a pen in their hand right behind you.

Your first video will be the longest. Upload this to your YouTube account. (Did I mention you should definitely have their wifi password?)

Once you’ve uploaded this video to YouTube and given it an appropriate description and keywords, go the “Share” link under your video and share it to your Facebook business page. You can also just upload it directly to Facebook if you prefer. I’m a strong believer in cross-posting, so if you’re tech-savvy I recommend posting to YouTube and linking.

Are you super tech-savvy? Then Periscope, Facebook Live or YouTube Live your open house! BAM! You just went to the front of the class!!

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  • One you have that video linked up on your Facebook page, create a post that says something like “Hey! Did you forget about my open house today? There’s still time to come by.” Don’t forget to add the particulars like an address, or if you’re really nerdy, add a link to google maps so they can find their way to you no matter where they’re at.
    Ok, we’re just getting warmed up. Let’s continue.
  • Find the best feature of the property. Is it the backyard pool? An extra large master suite? Grab your phone again and video it and upload to Instagram and Twitter.
  • Add a teaser to your Twitter and Instagram posts and tell folks if they want to see the entire property, go to your Facebook or YouTube page.
  • After an hour has passed, go to your Facebook page and let people know that you’re online for the duration of the open house, and if they can’t make it, you’re happy to answer questions about the property on Facebook.
  • Go to Instagram and comment on your post from earlier and let people know you’re taking questions about the property on Facebook and be sure to put in your Facebook link.
  • Go to Twitter and send out a tweet with your Facebook link that says you’re taking questions about the property on Facebook.
  • If no one has asked you a question about the property, grab your phone again, and this time call a friend. Ask them to go online and tell them what question you want asked. Make sure it’s a question that you have a very long and interesting answer to.
  • Although that might seem a bit devious (ok, well, it is a little), many people don’t want to be the first to ask – anything. People are (very often) especially hesitant to approach a salesperson , but if they see others doing it, it makes it easier for them to join the conversation.

Since you’re already on Facebook

Let’s spend 10 or 15 minutes expanding your reach.

  • Find 5 business pages to follow from your Facebook business page and leave each page one sincere comment.
  • Share at least two posts from them to your business Facebook page.
  • Go back and check your post to see if there’s been any activity.

Let’s move on to Twitter

  • Go to twitter.com/search-advanced , put in your location and follow 50 people that are close by.
  • Tweet out a message (and feel free to @mention those people you found above) about your open house or add another Twitter video of a different part of the house.

Now go to your Facebook insights, your Twitter analytics, your YouTube channel and to your Instagram account and record every like, page reach, and impression.

Let your sellers know that even though no one may have come through the front door physically, 500 (use your number obviously) people saw their home today.

I’d love to hear how you use social in the course of your average real estate day!  No time? How about sending me a tweet letting me know you enjoyed this post.

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See you online! Tweet me at @AskForLiz and let me know if you used any of these tips!

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