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Win Every Listing War Using These Open House Tactics


Sellers know how important it is to hire an agent that understands how to leverage social media to sell their home.  Share the things I’ve outlined in this checklist with them, and you won’t have any competition.  I’m that confident because one of my customers recently followed this checklist and his reach increased by over 600% over normal the first time he used this. No paid ads!

Try not to feel guilty about your competition sitting at their open house, eating all the cookies, because they were the only ones there.

This guide will lead you through the exact steps to take before your open house begins all the way until you give your Sellers an update on how everything went.

It will guide you through


 A Week Before
 30 Minutes Before
 15 Minutes Before
 30 Minutes After Your Open House Begins
 60 Minutes After Your Open House Begins
 90 Minutes After Your Open House Begins

 A sample video script
 Post suggestions
 Instagram Story suggestions

You’ll also know exactly when and what to post as teasers about your open house on exactly which social media platforms.

And we’re just getting warmed up. Want your open house roadmap? Click here.


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