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To find buyers and sellers that are a perfect fit for you, you first have to put yourself in their shoes. If they’re looking for a home in your area, think about all the things that are appealing in or near your listing or farm area. By using the hashtags that they are likely to use to find a location where your listing is, you can make your hashtags work like breadcrumbs did for Hansel and Gretel…. That might not have been the best analogy — somebody ate those breadcrumbs, didn’t they? Oh well, let’s move forward anyway.

So you have a property to sell but your ideal customer may not even know they want to buy it yet. Just like in real life (#IRL), you find other commonalities to connect. Let’s say you have a listing in San Francisco, California. You could use the hashtag #sfrealestate, but why stop there?

What do we all have in common? We want to belong. The hashtag makes us part of a group instantly. Click To Tweet

What do we all have in common? We want to belong. We want to belong to a family, a neighborhood, a city, a volunteer organization, a community. Use hashtags in your post that describe things a person living or moving to the area where your listing is located would be interested in.

As an example: In addition to using #sfrealestate, what if you also used:

#Hospital or #MajorHealthCenter

The hashtags on your post might look like:


[This was kind of an excerpt from my workbook included in the course #MasteringHashtags] .




Put your hashtag questions in the comments below or tweet them to me at @AskForLiz.