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Let’s cut to the chase. Here’s the answer.

It depends.

It depends on your audience and what they expect from you. It also depends on how large a following you have.

If you’re new to Twitter and you have fewer than 200 followers,

I would say tweeting 3 or 4 times a day is plenty. At this point you’re still discovering who your followers are and if they’re even the type of followers you want. After a couple of weeks, go to your analytics, which you can find at twitter.com/analytics, and take a look at which of your tweets were best received by your followers.  This is golden information. As long as these are the types of followers you want, you now know what kind of information they like best. So continue giving them that kind of information.

If you have closer to 1,000 followers,

tweet between 6 to 8 times a day. If you’re thinking, “Liz, are ya nuts? What am I going to say that many times a day?”

First of all, yes, I might be nuts, but not about this. Don’t forget that the real estate information you have in your head is incredibly interesting and important to your potential buyers and sellers. You probably take it for granted – all those ins and outs, dos and don’ts of a real estate transaction. Share a few of those tips every day. Add on a retweet from a valuable follower or two and maybe an article from a real estate magazine. Add in even one twitter conversation and you can see that you’re well over the minimum tweets I’ve outlined above.

Whatever you do, DON'T sit down and tweet out all your daily tweets in 5 minutes! Click To Tweet

Should You Recycle Your Tweets?

Once you’ve gotten a following upwards of 3,000 or so, tweet as much as you like. And (get ready to gasp) you can even tweet something tomorrow that you tweeted last week. That’s right. Some information is evergreen. In other words, if you are tweeting out tips, they’re still as valid next month as they were last month. Take into consideration that the lifespan of a tweet is often no more than a few minutes, you can see that many of your followers may have missed seeing it.

Caution: DO NOT SEND OUT THE SAME TWEET A ZILLION TIMES IN A ROW. Recycling is ok, but space them out Click To Tweet

Avoid even two times in a row. Recycling your tweets is ok, but space them out with other tweets in between. This is SUPER important.

Stretch your tweets out over the course of the day and then see what days and what times you’re getting the best response. After that, make a point to be on Twitter at the same time as when the majority of your followers are. This will give you the most opportunity to talk, (ok, tweet) to someone live. This is where the real magic is in Twitter. This is where you make new friends and find leads.

Not sure what to tweet to get started? My Cut & Paste Kit is exactly what you need. Check it out.

Remember that tweeting is part art and part science. (Really it’s mostly fun.) So I’d like to add my disclaimer that your mileage may vary. The advice I outlined above works extremely well with all my real estate customers and this is part of the formula to getting them an incredible increase in the number of real followers in the shortest amount of time.

Do you have a different approach that works well for you? Be sure to comment below and share it. Or share it with me on Twitter at @AskForLiz.

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