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You Scored A New Listing? YAY!

Now What?


The Sellers’ signature is still wet on the listing agreement and they’re almost excited as you are. Are you headed for the door? STOP! While everyone is still in this euphoric state, try to get a picture of them with you or without you, but absolutely having whatever is in the background looking great.

Once you’ve snapped the picture, right in front of them, send it to your business Instagram account with a short caption announcing your new listing and promising more information on your Facebook account soon.

Before you get into your car, take a nice photo of the outside of the home.


Once you get back to your office, take that same photo of your Sellers and post it to your business Twitter account with the same sort of message you put on Instagram.


The following day, get on your Facebook account and post the photo of the exterior of the house with a description of the home and a promise to have more photos up soon.

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Review the photos you’ve gotten back from the professional photographer. Choose a dozen or so.

  • Go to Facebook and make an album and name that album the address of the listing
  • Go to Instagram and post one of the professional photos of that listing there. Schedule (we recommend Hootsuite or Onlypult) the rest of the photos so that a different photo of that listing comes up on your Instagram account once weekly until it’s sold
  • Go to Twitter and schedule one tweet with a photo of this listing every 5th tweet. That means tweet about something else 4 times and then send out the #newlisting tweet.
  • Do you have a Pinterest business account? Make a new board and name it the address of the listing. Once a week change the cover photo of that board to one of the other photos taken by the professional photographer. If you add a map that includes the listed home and surrounding attractions, I’ll give you extra brownie points.

Things to remember is to show the Seller your enthusiasm, but don’t put every single photo on all platforms all at the same time. Unless you think you’re going to be selling this home in 24 hours, pace yourself and your marketing materials.

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This may sound like a lot of work, but once you have the dozen professional photos, it’s really just a matter of sitting down with a scheduling tool and spacing it all out.

Grab your FREE checklist/schedule that takes you step-by-step and day-by-day guiding you thru the maze of when and where to post your real estate listing for maximum gain on your online marketing.


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