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Let Me Handle Your Real Estate Social Media

Finding a few things to post is the easy part.

Did you know most of those inexpensive social media services send you posts and let you decide what and when and where to post? Part of creating a successful presence online is:

  • knowing the best times to post on each platform
  • being consistent with your posting
  • knowing where your audience is and when they’re online
  • how and why you should post differently on different platforms
  • who you should follow and who you shouldn’t
  • having a strategy before you post anything at all.

My service is different because I do all that for you. And I answer questions on your accounts as you as long as they are not questions I’m prohibited by law not to (I’m no longer licensed). Those I forward to you. Here’s the best part – I’m a real person. If you have a question – pick up the phone and dial (707) 489-7773 – guess what? I’ll be the one answering. I take care of your online image and reputation and you do what you do best – sell houses.

Plans and Pricing

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