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Ah, kids these days. They say the darndest things.

Have you ever checked one of your hashtags on a post only to discover, much to your horror 😱, it appears you’ve found a new term for some strange type of erotica?

Historic Hashtag Fails

Some of the more memorable fails include #Susanalbumparty which actually started when singer Susan Boyle was getting ready to launch a new album.

And then there was the Chester Literary Festival’shashtag #CLitFest. Hmmmm.

And let’s not forget Blackberry maker RIM wanted to announce new job openings and created the tag #rimjobs.

Can you think of any other #epicfails? Stick ’em in the comments below!

Moral of the Story

Research your hashtags! Write them down and have some friends look at it. See if you can find something that shouldn’t be there before you start using it.

And regardless of your age, I highly recommend having the Urban Dictionary app on your phone. Before your Seller calls you and asks why their beautiful home is surrounded by pictures of naked people on Instagram …. just sayin’. 😃

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