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How To Use Twitter Chats To Grow Your Community

TWITTER CHATSTwitter Chats are great for both the beginner and the advanced Tweeter (is that a real dictionary word yet?).This post may contain affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. Thanks.NOTE: Angela and I had to take a...

Best Guide To Twitter Advanced Search For Lead Generation

Using Twitter Advanced Search Feature To Find Leads Did you know that Twitter is basically a huge database of searchable information? Let me re-phrase that. A huge database of searchable conversations where you can find customers looking for you. That's amazing. But...

How To Use Hashtags Like An Influencer

the difference between event, campaign & brand hashtags ?Keep these definitions in mind as you read further: An event hashtag is a hashtag you use for a  single and specific event. A campaign hashtag is a hashtag you use to bring attention to your business and...

Are Your Hashtags Helping You Find New Customers?

Hashtags have been around a long time now (in internet years)And yet most micro brands are still not using them effectivelyCreate A Hashtag Strategy That Helps Customers Find You   Easier said than done. This will require a little research. Some things to...
Are You Making These 2 Branding Mistakes?

Are You Making These 2 Branding Mistakes?

Are you branding yourself, or your broker?

One of the most common mistakes I see is an agent with a username that incorporates their broker’s business. @KellyC21 is great – until you change office and you are now @KellyKW. What about all that energy you put into establishing a following? Down the drain, my friend. A better choice would be @KellyNYCRealtor or something that identifies you in your chosen profession. In the last example, no one needs to go farther than your name to know 1) your name; 2) where you work; and 3) what you do.

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