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How To Use Twitter Chats To Grow Your Community

TWITTER CHATSTwitter Chats are great for both the beginner and the advanced Tweeter (is that a real dictionary word yet?).This post may contain affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. Thanks.NOTE: Angela and I had to take a...

How To Use Hashtags Like An Influencer

the difference between event, campaign & brand hashtags ?Keep these definitions in mind as you read further: An event hashtag is a hashtag you use for a  single and specific event. A campaign hashtag is a hashtag you use to bring attention to your business and...

Are Your Hashtags Helping You Find New Customers?

Hashtags have been around a long time now (in internet years)And yet most micro brands are still not using them effectivelyCreate A Hashtag Strategy That Helps Customers Find You   Easier said than done. This will require a little research. Some things to...
The Hashtag Is One Of The Most Powerful Tools In Social Media

The Hashtag Is One Of The Most Powerful Tools In Social Media

But, “Liz”, you might say, “how is Twitter going to make me world famous?” Well, it probably won’t. However, choosing the right hashtag, using it consistently with a tweet that your target audience finds interesting, will get you a lot of followers. A lot of followers times 2 eyeballs each, gets you a lot of views. (Math is not my strong suit.) A lot of views increases your chances for a sale.

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