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Do You Only Have 1 Minute To Improve Your Twitter Feed?

Then go to Your Twitter page and add your location. Nothing cutesy like “Online” or “Global”. Be real. I can hear you now, “But Liz, I can sell real estate anywhere in the world. I have contacts all over.”  That’s dandy, but if I want you to list my house today and want to come down to shake your hand and sign my name, where will I find you?

Got 2 Minutes?

Add your website link to your profile. Don’t have a website you’d be proud of? Then put the link that gives the best impression of you. Would that be your LinkedIn page? Facebook? Then put that in.

If your other social accounts don’t look very professional, then hire a professional to make them look inviting. (Uhm, a professional – like me).

Got 5 Minutes?

Add to this list turning off any automated direct messages. Yes, even if all you’re saying is “Hey, thanks for following me.” People usually see this as spam and when you get a lot of followers you’ll have a hard time going through the messages deciphering what’s an automated message and what’s a potential lead.

You’re better off sending that “Hey, thanks for following me.” via a live tweet anyway. More people will see you out there and you’re more likely to start a real conversation.

Got 10 Minutes?

Make sure your profile picture and your cover photo are high quality images and they match your other social media accounts. It’s great if they match exactly, but if not, at least make them complementary to each other. You want people to know they are following the right person from one platform to another without having to think twice. Make it easy for your customer to find you everywhere.

Take a look at your bio now. Does it tell me what you do and show a little of your personality too? This is akin to your ‘elevator speech’.

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First impressions matter and once you have your Twitter account looking sharp, more people are going to feel comfortable following you. Potential customers are going to see that you’re a professional and feel more comfortable doing business with you.