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Best Guide to Twitter Advanced Search

How To Find More Customers In Minutes

Using Twitter Advanced Search Feature To Find Leads

Did you know that Twitter is basically a huge database of searchable information? Let me re-phrase that. A huge database of searchable conversations where you can find customers looking for you.

That’s amazing. But let’s don’t stop here with our jaws dropped, let’s move forward and see how we can use these conversations to find customers that need you right now.


Find The Search Field On Twitter

I created a quick graphic below that lightly touches on boolean characters to show you how they influence searches. If you don’t know what boolean characters are, that’s ok. They’re just quote marks, + and – signs and stuff like that. 


The video below will show you an example of how using these characters can help you drill down to what you’re looking for. I’ll admit, at first glance, chocolate chips cookies don’t seem like they’d be helpful in finding customers, but watch the 2 minute video and then I’ll show you the best part of Twitter Advanced Search.

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 Are You A Fitness Coach?

Think about what your clients have told you. Like exactly their words.

Would they say “I really want to get healthy?” or “I really want to get fit?” But what you really want to find is someone asking a question. Like how to find you.

Let’s start with a weird version of mad libs. Go to Twitter’s search field and enter

“anyone know” AND “fitness coach” (you probably should also add the city you’re in or the name of the largest big city close to you depending on your circumstances) and then click on Latest.

Because the tweets don’t come down in chronological order, do be careful you don’t end up responding to a really old tweet.


 Are You A Hair Stylist?

Think about what someone would tweet if they were looking for a hair stylist. Maybe they’ve just moved to a new area, or maybe they went somewhere and ended up with a hair color that didn’t expect or just plain old damaged hair.

What would they tweet to find you?


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to really narrowing down leads that are looking for you right now! Are you interested in more? Let me know in the comments below.

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