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Mistake #1

One of the most common mistakes I see is an agent with a username that incorporates their broker’s business. @KellyC21 is great – until you change offices and you are now @KellyKW. What about all that energy you put into establishing a following?

Down the drain, my friend.

A better choice would be @KellyNYCRealtor or something that identifies you in your chosen profession. In the last example, no one needs to go farther than your name to know

  • 1) your name;
  • 2) where you work; and
  • 3) what you do.

It’s really your broker’s job to support you and help get your name known, so make sure you’re doing the same thing – getting YOUR name known.

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Before you get online, it’s a good idea to go to a graphic artist and a photographer and put together a professional logo and professional headshot. You should also get cover photos customized for you for each of the social media platforms you’re on. They need to be consistent across the board.

Mistake #2

If a potential real estate customer saw your social accounts, would they say “WOW! This person really knows how to sell houses! That’s who I want to work with!” Or would they know what kind of dog you have and what kind of shoes you like?

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Branding YOU

I imagine personal branding began when the second real estate agent come on the scene. It was certainly around long before the internet was thought of.

Get in your time machine with me. Ready?

I remember seeing other real estate agents’ cards with their photo on them – WHAT? What a great idea. Pretty soon, For Sale signs with their photos on them. Brochures with their photo and WHAT? their own personal logo? With their broker’s logo below that? What chutzpah. In case you’re wondering, yes, I followed suit and did all of the above.

Image is important and really important in sales. You can be smart as a whip, but if you don’t look the part, most customers will never give you the chance to prove it. Sad but true.

Let’s dust off 1980 from our shoulders and step into present day. With social media and it’s many wonderful platforms, branding yourself has never been easier – or cheaper.
There are several parts to branding.

  • Your name
  • Your image
  • Your online name
  • Your reputation
  • Your network
  • Your online voice

This is all part of the brand that is YOU. What your potential customers see online, on various platforms, the picture of who you are in their mind (read that last part again), that’s your brand.

With some good graphics and some marketing sense, there’s no reason you can’t look as good online as the most successful real estate agent in town.

When you’re posting, post as if you are directing that piece of information to a real live client standing right in front of you. Describe your new listing like your describing your first date to your best friend (within limits). What I’m trying to say is be enthusiastic online. Be social online. The response you’ll get back will surprise you.

  • Be consistent in your posting schedule
  • Be consistent in your tone
  • Be consistent with your graphic styles
  • Be helpful
  • Be social!
  • And always find a a way to flatter your customers online, where the whole world can see.

What’s the one thing you incorporate into your branding that makes you stand out?