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How To Use Twitter for Business

Don’t Auto-Post From One Platform To Another

Auto cross-posting. It seems so benign. So helpful really. If Facebook has a button that says “Hey! Let me help you out by posting all your posts to Twitter. Think of the time that will save you.” Ok, maybe I’m paraphrasing, but if you are more familiar with Facebook and not so much with Twitter, this probably seems like a life saver.

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The Hashtag Is One Of The Most Powerful Tools In Social Media

But, “Liz”, you might say, “how is Twitter going to make me world famous?” Well, it probably won’t. However, choosing the right hashtag, using it consistently with a tweet that your target audience finds interesting, will get you a lot of followers. A lot of followers times 2 eyeballs each, gets you a lot of views. (Math is not my strong suit.) A lot of views increases your chances for a sale.

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