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Social Media Services for Real Estate Agents and Small Businesses

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Are You Struggling to Find Followers Online?

Then you’re in the right place to change all that. My specialty is generating traffic for real estate agents that want to differentiate themselves from their local peers. There are several different ways I can help.

I’m a social media strategist who creates content for real estate agents, small business owners and social-minded people. I’ll show you how to grow your social media following to amazing numbers & create a public persona that makes your customers know, like and trust you before you even meet. Seriously. It’s totally do-able.

Done For You

You’re already busy handling your business. Let me handle your social media.

I’ve been handling other people’s accounts since 2010. I can work alongside your marketing team, or handle all your online accounts myself, always representing you as friendly and professional.


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Do It Yourself

Learn how to use social media to expand your real estate business.

Social media can be overwhelming, but you can learn at your own pace with the information and resources I have for you. You can do it one blog post at a time or spend half a day and download resources like worksheets and cheatsheets designed to save time and find customers.

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About Me

I know what you’re thinking – “Who is this Liz person and why should I trust her with my business? My reputation?” Well, thanks for asking! I’m Liz Evangelatos. I started out as a web designer over 20 years ago and morphed into a social media strategist since 2010. Since about 2013, I’ve been specializing in online marketing for real estate agents and small businesses. My goal is to help you grow your social media following to amazing numbers. Not only that – I create a public persona for you that makes your customers know, like & trust you before they even meet you. My job is to keep you ‘top of mind’ using online real estate marketing so you’re the first real estate agent people think of when they need to buy or sell or refer someone to.

About You

Most of the people I come across fall into one of these two types of categories:

  • The kind of real estate agent that prefers to have an expert handle their online real estate marketing.
  • And the kind that wants to do it themselves. They just need a little help with figuring out how to translate their passion for their business into a professional and consistent online social footprint.

I’m here to help you figure out how to promote yourself and your business in a polished yet friendly way. Whether you learn through my blogs, the information I share via my emails, or through a course or book I’ve created, my goal for you is that you spend less time fumbling around and being overwhelmed with marketing and have more money and time to spend on doing things you love doing.

People Online

With literally billions of people online every day, it’s not a matter of if you should be on social media, because, believe me, in one way or another, you already are. Grab control of your business and your reputation by learning how to use social media marketing effectively yourself, or have it done for you by a professional.

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