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I can make your website, jiggle and shake and be a ton of fun! But your website needs to be more than fun and pretty. It needs to guide visitors to buy from you.

I love creating beautiful websites. But let’s talk about what that means.

What does ‘beautiful’ mean to you?

  • A website that makes the visitor want to do business with you
  • A website that uses design to guide the visitor through your predetermined path (to a sales page? a contact page?)
  • A website that makes it easy for visitors to buy from you on laptops and phones
  • A website that is cohesive with your social media marketing strategy

What does ‘beautiful’ mean to your website visitor?

  • A website that is easy to navigate
  • A website that is clear in what it is offering
  • A website that makes them feel like you understand them

As I said before

I love creating beautiful experiences.


Liz is a marketing wizard! She is very creative and thinks outside of the box. I won’t use anyone else!

Joel Frazier Real Estate


Liz’s knowledge is extensive; she gives it in small bites so it’s easier to manage. Her helpful attitude and the pleasure she gets in sharing and educating her clients makes it a joy to work with her.

Vicki Moore, Realtor


Shout out to @AskForLiz for the great twitter advice. I more than doubled my #followers in 2 days.

Joshua Mischke, Private Lender


I knew social media was the ideal location to reach my target market, but what I didn’t know was how to effectively and efficiently communicate my message, while running a solopreneur business at the same time!

I discovered Liz’s Twitter for Business workshop and found my answers. She taught me rapidly how to attract and engage my ideal clients and as a result, my following grew and my business was ignited. During the time I worked with I signed up three new clients! Liz Evangelatos is an extraordinary mentor and strategist and an absolute pleasure to work with. Making that initial phone call to Liz was one of my most lucrative business moves.

Holly Bryans, Hollygraph Realtor Marketing


With all that goes on in social media it can be so overwhelming and confusing. I feel very lucky to have found Liz. Liz has helped me understand and want to engage more on the Twitter platform. She’s extremely knowledgeable and very fun to work and socialize with. If you are looking to get more out of your social media and marketing Liz is your go-to!!

Kelly Camacho


Being new to using social media in my profession. I quickly found it was tricky. I got connected with Liz on Twitter. She taught me here and there a little bit and when she advertised her Conversational Twitter workshop training I immediately applied for it. There are so many hints and tips and her training helped me so much to expand my followers and get connected to people to do business with. Liz is very knowledgeable, her training is super professional and helped me a lot. If you need help to expand your business, I recommend AskForLiz!

Kathrin Dietsche, Realtor


I don’t know if it were by accident or Providence that I encountered Liz on Twitter! I had used other social media platforms much more (being a verbose writer). However, when I saw some great suggestions on her Twitter feed @askforliz, I realized how beneficial they would be in the context of branding a small business. She teaches classes about proper and professional use of Twitter, and most of us could profit from utilizing her tips and principles.

Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt


When I first joined the Group Twitter for Business I knew very little about Twitter. She has been a fabulous moderator in the group and always answers our questions. I have learned enough that I know how to twitter more efficiently, have gained many followers and on a daily basis. I now realize the benefits of Twitter and plan on taking more of her classes.

Carol Stanley, Author, Artist


As a Realtor and entrepreneur, I understand the importance of social media marketing. But I was becoming overwhelmed with creating posts and building a following.  And, PLEASE, don’t get me started on hashtags. Then I connected with Liz and my prayers were answered. Liz took the time to get to know me and what I wanted to accomplish. She has proven to be a valuable asset to the growth of my business because she provides the consistency I lacked in social media marketing and, when it comes to hashtags, she wrote the book. Literally! Since working with Liz, my following has steadily increased. Leads are now being converted into customers.  If you are struggling with social media marketing like I did, isn’t it time you ask for Liz? You will be glad you did.

Liliana Herrera, Realtor


Liz has been an inspiration and a tremendous help in showing me how to grow my Twitter base. It’s more than just having followers but it’s about engaging and making a difference. This is where she excels. She really showed me the ropes and can help anyone.

Joel Hug


If you need help with Twitter and learning about how to use it properly, this lady gives great advice!

The Micro Business Renegade


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