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Years ago, when I was just starting out selling real estate (note: I’m no longer a broker) I remember getting a call and the person on the other side of the phone was practically dropping a listing in my lap. All I had to do was go view the property, prepare a CMA and it was mine. This business is finally getting easier, I thought. The address told me the house was in a nice part of town, a great place for a sign (come on, you know you think about that too 😉) and I had visions of a quick full price sale dancing in my head.

I jumped into my car and in minutes I was in front of the house. My heart sank. The grass, no, the weeds, were two feet high, no curtains on the windows, paint was peeling and the driveway had weeds growing through the numerous cracks. No one had lived there in who knows how long.

But I said to myself, “Hey, no house stays on the market forever. Think positive.” I found the key where the Seller told me he had stashed it and went in. (Have I ever mentioned to you that I don’t watch Stephen King movies alone?). As I slowly walked through the living room and turned toward the hallway, I narrowly escaped falling through the big hole in the floor. As in, yes, I can see the dirt under the house through the floor.

I’d like to say ‘long story short’, but it’s too late for that. In the end, I didn’t take the listing.

When you sign up for any social media account and then you don’t pay any attention to it, it’s just like having a house that no one lives in or takes care of.

What Your Best Friend and  Even Your Broker Won’t Tell You

What Your Best Friend and Even Your Broker Won’t Tell You About Your Social Media Click To Tweet

Do your social media accounts look like a vacant house? With no bio? No cover page photo? When was the last time you posted anything? Or do you autopost links from one platform to another without editing?

Time For Some Curb Appeal

Ever had buyers in your car that refused to get out and view a property because it looked so bad on the outside? Might have been perfect on the inside, but they just wouldn’t take the first step.

You might be losing money because your potential customers see that you haven’t posted in 3 months. Or you haven’t remembered to upload a profile picture. You might as well have a video of tumbleweeds blowing across a deserted and barren field. (Actually, you’d probably get a lot of clicks on that).

So stop giving potential customers the impression that you’re not in business. Because in the eyes of someone that hasn’t met you, you ARE your social media.

In the eyes of someone that hasn't met you, you ARE your social media. Click To Tweet

Download my ‘Check Your Curb Appeal Checklist’ by clicking here.

Realtors - Does your social media have curb appeal?

Realtors – Does your social media have curb appeal?

Download this free checklist to make sure your social media has curb appeal! Click To Tweet

It’s often harder to evaluate your own social marketing than it is to evaluate someone else’s. Need a second set of eyes on yours? I’m happy to take a look. Let me know by leaving me a comment with the link you’d like me to check out.

See ya online!

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