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If you’ve decided to tackle social media all on your own, there are a handful of tools I recommend you get familiar with. Some will help you spend your time more efficiently and some will help you understand which platforms and strategies are working.

I use or have used all of the tools I’ve listed below. Most are free to smaller accounts, others may have a small price tag attached to varying degrees of use. I am not an affiliate of any kind with any of them – I’m just sharing my two cents (I think that means we each get one cent?).

Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

With so many social media platforms and how they’re always changing, it can be hard to remember the size and format requirements of all of them. Here’s a handy guide to help you stay on top of it all.


A social media management tool that lets you schedule posts to all the major platforms, offers analytics and has a built in link shortener. You can also monitor multiple accounts from one screen.


Buffer is very similar to Hootsuite in that you can add content to multiple platforms and accounts and schedule when they should be posted.


A great tool to find interesting content to share. You enter your topic and you get a long list of possibilities. Each link on the list has the number of times it has been shared and on which platforms which allows you to quickly see what is trending.

Facebook Insights

The number one reason you should not be using a personal Facebook account to conduct business. A built in feature of Facebook which allows you to see how well each of your posts did, lot of demographic information and much, much more. You’ll get a clear picture of who your target audience is – which may not be who you think it is.


A great tool for content curation. You choose which news sources you’d like to get your information from and it customizes its feed to your choices. From there you just share it to your favorite platform or to Buffer or Hootsuite for trickling out posts.


The quickest and most attractive way to add text to a photo. Unfortunately only on Apple products at the moment.


A great tool to find out when the best time to send out your tweets by letting you know which days and times your followers are most actively using Twitter.


An easy way to create powerful infographics with a wide selection of templates.


An app that you should have on your smart phone when using Instagram. Repost captures the Instagram you want to share and posts it on your own feed along with the name of the account you found it on, giving them instant credit.


Great for finding things you want to pin on Pinterest and allows you to immediately schedule it for future posting. Excellent  analytics as well.


If you are a heavy Twitter user, you should definitely be using this tool. It gives you very detailed information on your followers and those you are following.


One of the best tools I have found to date for finding very targeted groups of people on Twitter.


The perfect complement to Instagram. Provides great analytical information on your followers,  those you’re following, and stats on your posts. It also tells you the best time to send your posts and it allows you to put people in lists. That’s my favorite part.


A Twitter management tool that identifies fake followers, spam and  allows you to schedule tweets.

Twitter Analytics

A free analytics tool that gives you tons of info on your followers and those you are following. Gives you demographic information, which tweets did best during a spefic period of time, how many times your tweets were seen and much more.

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