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Are You Looking for Local Buyers and Sellers?

One of the most common comments I hear from local brick and mortar stores is, “Hey Liz, I don’t need social media because I don’t need to talk to people from half way across the world. I want people that live nearby to walk into my store and buy.”

'I don't need social cuz I'm not global.' Uhm, yes you do. Cuz your local customers are online too. Let's find them. Click To Tweet

But your local customers are on social media too.

Take 5 minutes to do this:

✔️ Go to your search icon

✔️ Enter the name of your city

✔️ Look at the accounts that come up

✔️ Look at the following/followers names for those accounts Now, which ones do you think might be a good fit for what you’re selling? Hit that follow button and interact with them.

What do I mean by interact?  Find a post or tweet that you can identify with and make a comment. Or retweet a tweet or two. Hit like on a few of their posts or tweets. But here’s my caveat (I know, you’re probably tired of hearing it by now) only take these actions if you are sincere. Do they have kids on a swim team and you have kids on a swim team? Make a comment. Did they just step out of a hair salon and you’re looking for a new place? Ask about it. Find some common ground and start there.

They’ll take notice of you and if your social media looks interesting, they’ll probably follow you back.

And then, BAM! 💣Once you’re connected online, you have the opportunity to make them a customer.

Another way to find local business is by searching by hashtag used for a local event. There’s more on using hashtags on this post.

Would you like more detailed information on how to find local customers? Leave me a comment below and I’ll try to address it in the next post.

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