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I’m here to get your name above the fold!


Stop the presses!

(Do they still have those?)

That’s my cue to come in!

I know what you’re thinking – “Who is this Liz person and why should I trust her with my business? My reputation?” Well, thanks for asking! I’m Liz Evangelatos. I’m a social media strategist for real estate agents. My goal is to help you grow your social media following to amazing numbers. Not only that – I create a public persona for you that makes your customers know, like & trust you before they even meet you. My job is to keep you ‘top of mind’ so you’re the first real estate agent people think of when they need to buy or sell or refer someone to.   After spending a number of years as a California Real Estate Broker, I switched gears and started building websites in 1993. but in the mid 2000s I fell in love with social media marketing. I’ve helped politicians, a variety of small businesses and government agencies, but helping real estate agents get noticed online is something that always felt most comfortable to me.

“I’ve worked with politicians, government agencies, real estate agents. Yes, I have a very good understanding of how important your public image is.”

I know your struggle of trying to rise above the online noise, to differentiate yourself from the crowd. I’ve been there. I’ve worked in mid-sized real estate offices as an agent and owned a one woman shop as a broker. I have a very good idea of how much marketing every agent, broker and agency does daily just to keep the customers flowing.

Way back in the day, I remember calling the local newspaper and setting up my ads for the week.  What I DON’T remember doing is typesetting the ad, putting it through the printing press, rolling up the newspaper and delivering it to everyone in town. Which brings me to –

Why Are You Trying to Handle Your Social Media Yourself?

Talk to me today about what it will take to make you internet famous!

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